Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Here we go again!

Yesterday, my awesome publisher at Jupiter Gardens Press let me know that my second sexy short story in the Her Hollywood Hero series was officially released!! Yay me!!

You can find Catch a Fallen Star on my publisher's website It's currently on it is a great steamy read to add something special to an evening.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Been a good week!

So it has been five days since I published my first short story on Smashwords. To get my name out there, I decided to post the story for free.

And it seems to be working. From Sunday evening to Friday evening it has been downloaded over 200 times. I was also pleased to get my first review:

Suzann Rainier on April 17, 2013 : starstarstarstarstar
Hot. Hot. Hot. Every man's dream. Great read.
In other good news, I now have a release date for the second installment of my Her Hollywood Hero series. Part two, Catch a Fallen Star is due to be released on May 30th from Jupiter Gardens Press. If you want to read the first story featuring Allure and Gavin, you can read about their meeting in the first story, 12 Steps to Desire. Now on to story three!!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Self-published on Smashwords!

So I finally figured it out, formatted my story and played with a cover...then published Bound and Determined, a sassy, sexy, short story on Smashwords. Within 24 hours, it has been downloaded over 60 times. And to make it more accessible to fans of erotica - I made it free!! Check it out and please, leave me a review...this way I know you enjoyed my writing!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Getting 'Smashed'

I sit here on a Saturday night, formatting my Smashwords profile and account. I am finally going to try and set this up so I can self publish an e-book. Hopefully this will prove to be another step in my road to more readers.

And to help build a fan base, I have decided to use a short sexy story that's lots of sassy fun. And I have made to choice to provide it at no cost. Yes, I said! I want more people to read my writing and get a sense of who I am. I want my readers to want more, so they will buy more stories and maybe, one day, a full length novel.

So, here it goes...

Sunday, 17 February 2013


When I first told my friends about my book contract everyone was so very excited for me. They were all going to buy the story (short story) and support my writing.

On release date I sent emails, posted on Facebook and tweeted my little fingers off! Sent the links, posted a blog entry or two and updated links as it became available first on my publisher's site - Pink Petal Books, then on and then on Smashwords.

Again, friends announced their support and intention to purchase the story - at $1.99 on my publisher's site and only $2.49 elsewhere - it is not a huge financial commitment.

So in the last few days I got my sales report for the first month and...complete disappointment! Only four copies sold...and one was to my mom! While I did realize that not all of my friends would get it, I had hoped for more support than this.

We shall see how the next couple of months go, but this is really giving me pause for thought!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Now on Smashwords!

You can now get a copy of 12 Steps to Desire on Smashwords! Yet another way to enjoy this sassy, sexy short story. Please leave a review if you buy this story. Comments and reviews help us authors get better.

Also...the second story in the Her Hollyood Hero series is being reviewed. Fingers crossed that is will be accepted!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Getting it out there...

So, for the first few couple of weeks, my story 12 Steps to Desire was only available through my publisher Pink Petal Books on their website.

As of today, you are now able to purchase my story on This gives you two options for accessing a sexy, sassy short story. If you do choose to get my story on Amazon, please leave a review!

This is the first installment of Her Hollywood Hero. A second story featuring Allure and Gavin is currently in the works.